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Schooner Man 



Schooner Man "is a site for you if you love the sight of the schooner on the sea. The feel of your feet on the deck of the schooner as it rides over the ocean waves. The power of the wind as it fills the sails and move a mighty schooner on it way. If you enjoy the challenge of facing the elements from the clear star filled nights to the wind blowing at gale force... you're a schooner man. We have information on tall ships from the Seven Seas and the sweet seas too. If you are looking for information on a schooner, brig, brigantine, bark and fully rigged tall ship start your search here. So visit with us these tall ships of yesterday and meet the seafarers that sailed them..


Schooner Man Picks

Flirting With Mermaids: The Unpredictable L...
by John Kretschmer
The American Fishing Schooners: 1825-1935
by Howard, I. Chapelle
Sailing into the Abyss: A True Story of Ext...
by William Benedetto
The Global Schooner: Origins, Development, ...
by Karl Heinz Marquardt
Ashley Book of Knots
by Clifford Ashley
Thomas McManus & the American Fishing Schooner..
by W M Dunne
The Complete Rigger's Apprentice: Tools and...
by Brion Toss
Chapman Piloting & Seamanship 65th Edit...
by Elbert S. Maloney
Oliver's Surprise: A Boy, a Schooner and th...
by Carol Newman Cronin
Pete Culler on Wooden Boats: The Master Cra...
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World Cruising Routes: Companion to World C...
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The Marlinspike Sailor
by Hervey Garrett Smith
The Elements of Boat Strength: For Builders... by Dave Gerr How to Read a Nautical Chart : A Complete G...
by Nigel Calder
Thomas McManus & the American Fishing Schooner...
by W M Dunne
Ship Modeling from Scratch: Tips and Techni...
by Edwin Leaf
Sailing in Stitches
by Dr. John Cocker
The Guide to Wooden Boats: Schooners, Ketch...
by Maynard Bray
Chesapeake Bay Schooners
by Quentin Snediker

Truxtun of the Constellation

Mr. Eugene S. Ferg..

gaff-rigged schooner"LADY MARYLAND" is a full size replica of a "pungy schooner". An elegant work boat of a kind that used to transport perishable cargo and luxury items around Chespeake Bay. Photo by Thad Koza. Schooner  ALMA". The 80-foot schooner Alma as built on the shores of San Francisco Bay, near present-day Hunters Point, in 1891. She is a scow schooner: a wide, flat sailing boat with gaff-rigged sails. At the turn of the century, scow schooners moved the kind of heavy cargo that trucks carry today. They criss-crossed the Bay and sailed up into the Delta delivering hay, salt and bricks. Schooner ADVENTURE". She was a bowspritless "knockabout Schooner". She was 121'6" from stem to stern. "ADVENTURE" was solidly built of oak and pine in Essex, Massachusetts in 1926. Carrying a full sailing rig, diesel engine and 14 dories, she spent the next 27 years fishing the North Atlantic's bountiful outer banks from her home port of Gloucester. Photo to right is of the " PACIFIC SWIFT" --a square topsail schooner. Photo by Thad Koza.for more photos visit Tall Ships '97

Barque: Sailing vessel with three or more masts: fore and aft rigged on aftermast, square rigged on all others.
Barkentine-3 Masted with Sq rigged on fore mast only
Brig- is a two-masted vessel with both masts square rigged. On the sternmost mast, the main mast, there is also a gaff sail
Brigantine- is a two-masted vessel fore mast being square rigged
Cutter- A sailboat with one mast and rigged a mainsail and two headsails. Also see sloop
Greek Galley   Early sailing vessel 500bc
Ketch-Two-masted boats, the after mast shorter, but with a ketch the after mast is forward of the rudder post
Knockabout: - a type of schooner without a bowsprit.
Schooner: - sailing ships with at least 2 masts (foremast and mainmast) with the mainmast being the taller. Word derives from the term "schoon/scoon" meaning to move smoothly and quickly. ( a 3-masted vessel is called a "tern")
  Topsail Schooner A schooner with a square rigged sail on forward mast
Windjammer - a non- nautical term describing square rigged sailing ships and large sailing merchantman, especially in the last day of commerical sailing. The orginal term windjamer was intented as insult from the crews of steamships. The return insult from the sailors was stinkpotter


After the Sea-Ship

Walt Whitman (1819–1892).

AFTER the Sea-Ship—after the whistling winds;


Tall Ships Challenge? Pacific Coast 2011

Other Tallship Festivals of the past
2012 Atlantic  
After the white-gray sails, taut to their spars and ropes,
Below, a myriad, myriad waves, hastening, lifting up their necks,
Tending in ceaseless flow toward the track of the ship:
Waves of the ocean, bubbling and gurgling, blithely prying,
Waves, undulating waves—liquid, uneven, emulous waves,
Toward that whirling current, laughing and buoyant, with curves,
Where the great Vessel, sailing and tacking, displaced the surface;
Larger and smaller waves, in the spread of the ocean, yearnfully flowing;
The wake of the Sea-Ship, after she passes—flashing and frolicsome, under the sun,
A motley procession, with many a fleck of foam, and many fragments,
Following the stately and rapid Ship—in the wake following..
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